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Limitations When Printing PDF Files

These are limitations that apply when using Direct Print Plus to print PDF files that contain the below image processing.

Caution is needed when using Direct Print Plus to print PDF files created with Adobe Illustrator and other applications for graphical purposes.

  • Transparency processing

    In some cases, transparency may not be processed as intended.

  • Drop shadows

    In some cases, drop shadow effects (shadow effects applied to text, shapes, etc.) applied to objects placed on rectangles with transparency processing may not be processed correctly.

  • Overprinting

    The overlaying parts of images will not be printed as intended.

  • PDF with security settings

    Cannot be printed.

  • 16-bit data or JPEG 2000 image data with transparency settings

    Images cannot be printed.

  • PostScript data

    Images cannot be printed.

  • Halftone

    Cannot be printed.

  • Data with comments added

    Images cannot be printed if there is no data for displaying comments.