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Call Favorites and Print

You can save the current settings of Direct Print Plus, or replicate saved settings for the current settings.

Save Frequently Used Settings to Favorites

  1. Configure the required settings in Print settings from the home screen

  2. Select Add favorite in (A)

    Add/edit favorites dialog box will be displayed.

  3. Enter the name of the settings you want to save in Favorite name

  4. Click OK

    The current settings will be saved as the specified name.
    Edit Favorites in (B).


  • The setting items that can be saved are Printer/Paper settings/Print settings.
  • Files that are in TIFF/JPEG/PDF formats, and HP-GL/2 format files have different saved items for frequently used settings. Therefore, if you are printing in a file format that is different from when you saved it, you cannot replicate frequently used settings.
  • Depending on the printer you are using, the item differs from when you saved it, so the settings content cannot be replicated.

Call Favorites and Print

  1. Select the settings you want to call in (A)

    The specified settings will be replicated on the home screen.

  2. Click Print

    Printing will start.